Vogue Editor Had 12 Miscarriages And 14 IVF Treatments

The iconic former editor of Vogue Russia has confessed that she has suffered 12 miscarriages and underwent 14 IVF treatments while calling her inability to mother a child “Hell on Earth”.

Stylish Aliona Doletskaya, 64, is famous for bringing Vogue magazine to Russia. She was the editor in chief from 1998 to 2010 and made it the most renowned fashion magazine in the country.

Credit: CEN/@alionadol
Aliona Doletskaya

After leaving Vogue, Doletskaya became the editor in chief of the magazine Russian Interview.

However, over the years, the fashion expert has been repeatedly asked why she does not have children.

She told local media: “Nobody thinks that such a question could really hurt someone. There is a fixed opinion in society that a woman should give birth, as if she is just an incubator, and woman should feel inferior if they don’t have a naked baby on their Instagram feed.

“I always wanted to have five children. I got married when I was 18 and told my mum that I will have more than one child. Unfortunately, this never happened. I suffered 12 miscarriages and underwent IVF 14 times.”

Credit: CEN/@alionadol
Aliona Doletskaya

Doletskaya added: “I went through a path that felt like Hell on Earth.”

She also called people who continually ask women whether or not they have children “tactless”. 

Her advice to other women is to simply turn a deaf ear to such questions.

One anonymous netizen said: “It is a shame that God did not give children to such a talented woman. However, maybe the reason she managed to reach such professional heights is because she does not have kids?”

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


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