Viral:Evil Colombia Cops Wipe Fake Tears With Banknotes

These Colombian cops have been slammed after a video of them wiping away fake tears with banknotes and mocking the lack of access to education in the country was posted online.

The video recorded by the unnamed cops was reportedly filmed in the Colombian capital Bogota with the two officers in uniform and has gone viral with over 1.9 million views.

In the clip, one of the cops can be seen pretending to cry as he wipes away the fake tears with 50,000-COP (11.3-GBP) banknotes.

Video Credit: CEN

He can be heard saying “I cannot sleep because I cannot study, I am going to pull out another banknote” as his companion laughs,

The noise in the background is reportedly from protests where thousands of citizens went out into the streets to complain about inequality in the country.

Protesters have highlighted a lack of access to higher education in Colombia and netizens were outraged at the videos, with ‘Farfan K Angelinda’ commenting: “This video shows the lack of education, principles and arrogance of some cops. If they knew that the only thing they are giving to people is shame about their ignorance”.

The cops using banknotes to dry their tears

And ‘Rawa Pavlov’ added: “You must be a bit of an idiot in life to use a banknote on your eyes (an item which is extremely contaminated)… that is why you should study”.

‘Natalia St’ said: “Study so that you are not like them, and believe that having money is having culture and value as a human being, while their neighbours, friends and family have to deal with hunger and fight to get their dreams of helping others and not destroying others”.

The video comes after the recent death of 18-year-old Dilan Cruz who died in hospital after allegedly being hit by a flashbang grenade thrown by cops.

Local media report the teenager was the first fatal victim of police violence during the protests which have seen at least 247 cops injured.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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