Viral: Dog Waits At Zebra Crossing For Green Light

This is the viral moment with over 2 million views a dog waits patiently at a zebra crossing before walking across the road when the light turns green.

The incident was filmed by netizen ‘Darly Pena’ in the locality of Kennedy in the central Colombian capital Bogota and shared on Facebook where it has been viewed 2.2 million times.

In the footage, a cute dog is seen patiently waiting on the pavement in front of a pedestrian crossing with a red light.

Video Credit: CEN/Darly Pena

A woman in the background says: “Look at this little dog waiting for the green light. They are definitely smarter than us.”

Even when a couple of pedestrians nip across the road at a quiet moment while the light is red, the dog continues to wait on the pavement.

The woman says: “We are waiting for the light to change and there are people crossing, but the light is red and the dog is still waiting.”

When the light changes to green, the dog appears to notice and starts to cross the road.

Credit: CEN/Darly Pena
The dog crossing the street

The woman says: “Now the traffic light has changed, let’s see what the dog does. Yes, he is crossing now. Something we rarely do, this dog is able to.”

‘Darly Pena’ told local media: “The goal of the video worked and shows that an animal is able to teach us how to protect life, so why can’t we do it as well?”

Netizen ‘Dora Gil’ commented: “Rules should be respected, dogs are very smart animals.”

‘Oscar Ramirez’ said: “I think the dog was a traffic cop in another life.”

‘Frank Sal’ wrote: “How can you fall in love with a stupid dog that can cross the street? It is a simple animal raised in a city that got used to vehicles and noisy streets. If you took it to the countryside it would die in a week because its basic survival instincts have gone.”

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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