Vienna To Build Amazing Double Decker Ice Rink

The city of Vienna will build an amazing two-storey ice rink in front of the city hall which includes a 394-foot long ramp that skaters must travel up to reach the second level.

The design of the 9,000-square-metre ice rink was presented by Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig this week.

The open-air ice rink will take up two floors and participants will have to skate up a long ramp to reach the top level.

Ludwig said that that the ice paradise will be called ‘Sky Rink’.

Ice rinks which were placed in previous years in front of the Vienna City Hall

Vienna marketing chief Gerline Riedl said that the addition of the extra floor to the seasonal rink will cost an extra 390,000 EUR (350,270 GBP), although they hope that the costs will be covered by extra sponsors.

Alongside the 9,000-square-metre rink, local authorities will also construct an 850-square-metre terrace.

Underneath Sky Rink, skaters will find lockers and facilities to rent skates and safety gear.

Meanwhile, a village of alpine huts situated around the rink will sell food and drink.

Similar to previous years, the square in front of City Hall will also feature a children’s rink and practice area, curling rinks as well as a 1,640-feet long ‘dream path’ through a decorative winter wonderland.

Ice rinks which were placed in previous years in front of the Vienna City Hall

Ludwig said that it will be the “most attractive ice rink in the world”.

He cited Sky Rink as a “great example” for other cities around the world, such as San Francisco which will also construct a special rink in front of their city hall.

According to local media, tickets will cost 8 EUR (7.2 GBP), although those who book online get a 10 percent discount.

The rink will be open every day from 10am until 10pm, from 18th January until 3rd March.

Currently, a smaller ice rink is operating in front of Vienna City Hall for the Christmas period which will remain open until 6th January.

Sky Rink is not the only unusual rink to open for the Christmas and winter season.

A church in the Dutch cheese-making city of Gouda has recently been turned into a seasonal ice rink where young skaters can whizz around the many crucifixes and stained glass windows.

Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorMichael Leidig,  Agency: Central European News



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