US Batman Birthmark Girl Has Successful Op

The mother of the American girl with a ‘Batman’ birthmark on her face has revealed the results of the tot’s latest successful surgery with a large bit of the mark now removed from Luna’s forehead.

The girl, Luna Tavares Fenner, was born in south Florida in the United States with a skin disorder called congenital melanocytic nevus. The condition has left her with a dark birthmark across her face which has seen her dubbed the “Batman” girl.

Her mother Carol Fenner, travelled with her to Krasnodar city in Krasnodar Oblast in south-western Russian last year to undergo surgery to remove the mark.

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Mum Carol has now shared images of the results of the latest operation, with a large area of the mark now removed from the centre of Luna’s forehead.

Mother and daughter recently returned back to Krasnodar from Florida as they had to return to the USA in December 2019 as their visas were about to expire and for Luna to undergo rehab at home.

Local media report another surgery is scheduled for 6th March, with a skin transplant planned the day before the tot’s first birthday on 7th March.

Carol said: “She feels good now yet her nose is a very sensitive area – she keeps scratching it with her hands as she tears off the crust which causes bleeding. It’s very difficult to avoid her doing it.”

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According to the doctors involved in the case, this is not that dangerous for the girl as tearing off the crust appears to cause no pain for Luna.

Carol said she does not know how many operations they still have to undergo to fully remove the birthmark yet she supposes the procedures will continue at least until the end of 2020.

The pair travelled to Russia after being told by doctors in America removing the mark would require a series of around 100 high-risk operations using lasers.

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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