Two Huge Condors Steal Familys BBQ Feast

This is the viral video of two condors who interrupted a family’s barbecue preparations by stealing their meat which they promptly devoured right in front of them on their lawn.

The incident took place in the area of Lo Curro in the central Chilean capital Santiago after the family opened the freezer to take out the meat they wanted to cook.

As the meat was frozen solid, they decided to leave it out in the sun to defrost, but the plan went wrong when two condors flew down to tuck into the meat feast.

Video Credit: CEN/Artcurial

The video shows one of the condors eating the frozen meat in the garden in front of hungry family members while another rests on the roof and later tucks into the meat as well.

A family member filmed three short clips and shared it on Facebook where they have been seen 2.6 million times, with the first video receiving over 1.7 million views alone.

The condor eating the stolen meat

According to local media, incidents involving condors are not uncommon in Chile where urbanisation has encroached into their natural habitat.

Netizen ‘Debora Meyer Zarzar’ commented: “It is the most beautiful thing.”

‘Tamara Herrera’ said: “So sad. This happens when you build houses where you shouldn’t. The same thing is happening with pumas.”

The Andean condor (vultur gryphus) is a bird found in the Andes mountains and Pacific coasts of western South America.

It is a national symbol of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and has an important role in the folklore and mythology in the Andean region.

It is considered near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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