Tourist Boat Follows 50 Dolphins Jumping Alongside Boat

This is the moment a tourist boat chases after scores of dolphins acrobatically jumping out of the water.

According to local media, a pod of around 50 spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) was spotted off the coast of Utila, an island in the northern Honduran department of the Bay Islands.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook by ‘Paradise Divers Utila’ after a group of scuba divers first spotted the pod of dolphins.

Video Credit: CEN/Paradise Divers Utila

In the clip, the famously acrobatic spinner dolphins are seen leaping high into the air in unison before sleekly disappearing back under the water.

At one point, the camera turns to the back of the pod and a lone dolphin is seen lagging behind the others and trying to catch them up.

A woman is heard saying: “Poor little thing.”

Several other divers are heard discussing the incredible sight taking place before them.

CEN/Paradise Divers Utila
The dolphins swimming

According to Paradise Divers Utila, the tourists witnessed around 100 dolphins in the crystal blue waters that day.

Several tourist routes have been established between the northern Honduran coastal towns of La Ceiba and Trujillo and the island of Utila so that visitors can watch the dolphins in their natural habitat, according to reports.

Netizen ‘Kennedy Castellanos Valle’ said: “Even the dolphins are travelling to the United States in a caravan due to Honduran corruption!”

‘Juan Pineda’ commented: “Everybody is talking about how beautiful it is when they are actually running away from sharks.”

‘Eda Castillo’ added: “What a beautiful thing to see them in the deep blue sea.”

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


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