Tourist Bitten By Rabid Stray Dog In Zanzibar Dies

An Italian holidaymaker has died from rabies after being bitten by a stray dog on a beach resort in Tanzania.

The incident happened when 45-year-old Sandro Pardon, who was a businessman from the city of Andria in southern Italy, was visiting Kiwengwa beach, a resort area in the northeast of the island off Tanzania (in Central Africa.

He was there together with his family when he was bitten on the arm by a stray dog on 8th September.

Credit: CEN
Sandro Prodon

The family had arrived only a day earlier in Zanzibar and was on an excursion in the area when the animal attacked him.

The animal was reportedly suffering from rabies, and the wound was treated by local medics, which included it being disinfected at the local hospital. He then continued with his holiday before returning to Italy.

He showed no signs of any ill health for two weeks after returning, but then towards the end of September started to feel unwell.

Speaking to a friend before he died, he said the symptoms had included high blood pressure and spasms. He died this week on Tuesday 19th November at the Bari Polyclinic in Italy.

Credit: CEN/@s.prodon
Sandro Prodon’s wife and kids

The friend told local media: “The rabies vaccination was not something he had because it was only recommended, and was not listed as compulsory. An absurdity. Sandra was very unlucky.”

On the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs it states: “We recommend vaccination against rabies for those who must carry out activities in contact with animals, dogs, bats and other mammals, for work, as veterinarians and researchers, or for pleasure, as campers and cyclist tourists.”

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Story By: Jana Tomovska, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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