Tourism in the World

Story by Ajda Ender

Tourism in the world turns into violence.

Tourism, which activates the economy of the countries of the world, is a source of income for the countries.

The contribution of the tourists visiting the countries to the country’s economy is social and economic gain.

Tourists stimulate the economy of the countries they visit.

It is necessary to ensure the safety of tourists in the countries they visit.

The safety of life of tourists visiting countries around the world is in danger, physical violence is applied to tourists in the streets and in social life, their belongings are stolen, they are harassed, and they face hate crimes.

Persons targeting tourists verbally and physically abuse tourists, and they use social violence.

People who target tourists from the UK, America and Europe inflict physical violence on tourists, killing them or beating them until they are hospitalized.

Men who use female tourists for their own purposes marry female tourists to obtain British, American and European citizenship

Young men targeting gay male tourists treat them like friends to take advantage of gay tourists’ money.

Young men approaching gay male tourists for money pose a life threatening threat to gay tourists.

Young men inflict physical violence on gay male tourists and kill gay tourists.

Gay male tourists should be wary of young men for their own safety.

The commission of racist crimes against tourists poses a danger to tourists in the countries they visit.

In accordance with human rights in the countries of the world, life safety should be ensured in the countries visited by the tourists.

If tourists are subjected to violence in the countries they visit, if they are killed, if they face social violence and hate crimes, an image that drags the promotion of the country back is formed.

For the promotion of countries, social and economic progress, tourists should be hosted in the best manner.

Tourists should be careful against social and physical violence in the countries they visit.

Tourism contributes to the social and economic development of the countries of the world.

World countries should ensure the safety of tourists.

World societies should respect tourists and respect their right to life.

The human rights of tourists must be respected in countries visited by tourists of all nationalities and races.

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