Touching Vid Of Cerebral Palsy Fan Celebrating In Stands

This is the touching moment a young football fan who suffers from cerebral palsy smiles wildly as he celebrates in the stands in his dad’s arms without his wheelchair.

The heartwarming scenes were recorded at the end of Brazilian side Fluminense’s 4-0 victory over Resende at Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Maracana stadium.

In the video, a 15-year-old Fluminense fan named in reports as Paulinho who suffers from cerebral palsy can be seen in the arms of his dad Leandro Terra with his wheelchair to the side.

Video Credit: Golders/@_gasparbruno

The father lifts his son up and down as other fans chant and Paulinho can be seen smiling.

The fans move up and down with Paulinho as they chant before one can be seen walking over and kissing his head.

Local media report the teenager suffered problems during his birth and suffers from cerebral palsy as well as a loss of motor movement.

His father, who is a taxi driver, said he always takes Paulinho to the matches along with his daughter Lorena, 9.

He told reporters: “The first time was in the 2005 Campeonato Carioca final, I think he was two months old. Since then, whenever I can I take him. Sunday was the first time I took him in a wheelchair.

“On the way out, I always wait a little because of the commotion, and I came down the ramp with him. But he gave me those puppy dog eyes, so I asked: ‘Do you want to jump in the crowd’. He said: ‘I want to.’

“I grabbed him and went down singing with the crowd. I didn’t even notice they were filming, I only saw it later. When I realised, there were a lot of people around.”

The teenager’s mother, who is separated from his father, said she only realised the following morning when a friend sent her a video saying “look who’s in the Maracana.”

She added: “Football entered his life when he was in my stomach, when his dad tricked me into taking me to a match. Paulinho was created with a love for Fluminense.”

The youngster’s dream is to be on the Maracana pitch with his heroes and is working in school to become a journalist.

Fluminense shared a comment on the video, writing: “What a beautiful image! What a special moment my little warrior! Being a Fluminense fan is so good!”

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