Three Suns Appear In The Sky Over Northern China

This is the amazing moment three suns are seen in the sky over an area in northern China.

The bizarre optical illusion was spotted in the Chinese city of Xilinhot and the Duolon County located in the northern region of Inner Mongolia which borders Russia and Mongolia.

One of the videos shows the ‘three suns’ spectacle that took place in China at around eight in the morning and reportedly lasted for several hours on Friday 4th December.

The phenomenon, also known as a sun dog or mock sun, is caused by the refraction of ice crystals in the clouds which bend the sunlight and create the illusion of there being multiple sources.

Credit: China Weather, Mengshuyu, Asi/Newsflash

The optical illusion usually consists of the Sun seen in the middle of a halo with two other lights appearing to be suns appear next to it.

It is more commonly seen in colder months as there are more ice crystals in the atmosphere. It can be seen anywhere on the globe but requires specific weather conditions to be visible.

Other cases of sun dogs were recently reported in China with one coming from the city of Mohe in the province of Heilongjiang on 15th October.

Another was also reported in the town of Ganqika near the city of Tongliao in Inner Mongolia on 4th November.

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Story By: Wu Juan, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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