Three Adorable Baby Squirrels Survive 25-Metre Fall

These are the three baby squirrels that have survived a 25-metre fall after their tree was pruned causing their nest to tumble out.

They are now being cared for by a local animal protection organisation called the League for the Protection of Birds (‘Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux’; LPO Aquitaine) in the Arcachon Bay area in south-western France near Bordeaux.

The organisation said on Facebook: “The first pink babies have arrived! A brood of squirrels fell victim to the pruning of a tree branch. The nest, very discreet, was not detected by the pruner. The three babies fell from a height of 25 metres (82 feet).

Credit: CEN/@centresoinslpo33
The baby squirrels are now being cared for by a local animal protection organisation

“The owners of the land happily brought us the babies immediately, as soon as they realised that what they thought was a ball of plants was in fact a nest. The baby squirrels suffered from multiple bruises and are bleeding from the nose. They are about two days old, and at this age they are very fragile.”

The organisation added some words of advice, saying: “The nursery has been spurred into action, and these three young ones will be fed every 2 hours, day and night.”

They added: “Pruning causes huge casualties in the spring, in mammals and birds. For plants as for animals, preferably do your garden work during the winter, and do not burn heaps of plants, as hedgehogs hibernate. 

“Remember to check as soon as possible if there are any nests in the branches that are to be cut. If so, just move them to an adjoining branch, placing it securely. The parents should still come back to feed their young.”

They have also provided a link where people can make donations to the organisation so it can help wild animals:

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