Terrified Horse Rescued From Speeding Canal Current

This is the moment a horse fights for its life against a fast-moving current as rescue crews stage a 3-hour rescue op to save the terrified equine from a canal.

The incident took place in the district of Torreblanca in the city of Seville in Spain after the horse was spotted in the canal and could not make it out by itself.

Video Credit: CEN

In the video, the horse can be seen being taken downstream by the canal as firemen in a dinghy try to reach it.

The rescuers try to reach the horse and throw a lasso around its body but they cannot manage to do so.

Credit: CEN
The horse being pulled out of the canal

Three rescuers can then be seen in the water next to the horse and they manage to secure a rope around its head.

The horse is then taken to the sloping sides of the canal where a machine is used to lift it to safety.

The firemen then work to move the exhausted animal into a transporter cabin and it can be seen eating some hay.

Vets have confirmed the animal did not suffer any injuries in the incident and is in a perfect condition.

Local media report two horses fell into the canal in 2017, with local residents and police helping free rescue both animals.

Credit: CEN
The horse being pulled out of the canal

Netizen ‘Gondar Eira’ commented: “A very good rescue, thanks to the firemen and the police. I think that these canals are dangerous, they should put some stairs or a ramp in each section so the animals can get out.”

And ‘Ana de Rico’ added: “Many thanks for rescuing it.”

While ‘Luzney Jimenez’ wrote: “What a nice gesture of love, what beautiful people, this is called love.”

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