Terrified Fox Darts Around On Airport Luggage Belts

This is the moment a fox runs amok in an international airport dashing behind the check-in desks and being carried by the luggage conveyor belts.

The bizarre scenes were recorded by onlookers at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport which serves the Russian capital and have since been posted on social media.

Video Credit: CEN/CityDomodedovo

In the video, the fox can be seen running around the terminal building behind the check-in desks. The fox is running along the luggage conveyor belts behind the desks when it hits a moving belt which pushes it back from where it came.

The scared fox then sprints away from the desks and local media report it only spent a few minutes in the terminal.

Credit: CEN/CityDomodedovo
Fox inspected luggage tape at Domodedovo airport

A press statement from the airport said: “According to video surveillance, the fox spent several minutes in the terminal and did not approach the passengers. It left the terminal on its own, and from that moment, unfortunately, we are not aware of its whereabouts.”

Airport passengers told reporters: ”We were very scared, We were with young children, No one understood how it got there and how it ran away from there. Everyone began to call protection. This is negligence by the airport.”

Credit: CEN/CityDomodedovo
Fox inspected luggage tape at Domodedovo airport

The airport said it was not the first time a fox had entered the airport grounds, saying: “Three years ago, airport employees found two fox brothers on the airport’s territory and handed them to a wildlife rehabilitation centre.”

It is unclear if any flights were affected by the incident.

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Story By: Anna GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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