Teen Killed By Lightning Strike At Bathing Spot

A newly married teenage girl who went for a swim with her husband was killed when a sudden thunderstorm broke and she was struck on the head by a bolt of lightning.

The victim, Gleiciane Vitoria Pereira Farias, 18, was with her husband and family when she was hit by lightning in the municipality of Candeias do Jamari, in the northern Brazilian state of Rondonia, on 18th October.

According to witnesses, Gleiciane was in the river when she suffered a direct hit.

Credit: Newsflash
18-year old Gleiciane Vitoria Pereira Farias who died tragically when she had an electric shock caused by lightning in a river in Candeias do Jamari

Her husband said that the emergency services were called, but it was not possible to get an ambulance so her family had driven her to the clinic.

The man, whose name and age was not given, said that she was still breathing after being struck by lightning, but health professional said that when the girl’s body finally arrived she was already dead.

It was not revealed whether an enquiry is being carried out into why no ambulance appeared to have been immediately available as the husband claims.

An autopsy is underway which is being carried out by the local coroner’s office.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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