Teacher Holds Disabled Kid So He Can Dance At Parade

This is the moment a teacher holds a disabled student in her arms during a street parade so he could dance with his classmates.

The touching video was filmed in the municipality of Jaumave in the north-eastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas during a parade to mark the 109th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

According to reports, 32-year-old teacher Christian Erian Guerrero Mendoza has been praised for carrying her five-year-old disabled student Jose Guadalupe Montoya Cervantes during the parade.

Video Credit: CEN/Alexia Cruz

The teacher told local media: “We believe in our girls and boys and we met with the headmaster about how to include little Jose.

“We wanted him to participate and not feel left out, and thankfully his parents agreed and told us that the movement would be good for him.

The teacher, who has four years’ experience, said that Jose wants to dance more following the parade, adding: “If this is useful for his therapy, we will continue to do it. If I am not here, my colleagues will help out.”

Video Credit: CEN

The teacher said: “Jose gives everything. He is cheerful, like all the other kids. He goes out to the playground to play, everybody includes him and he is not treated differently.”

The school head Zeleide Yajaira Cordoba Venezuela and Jose’s mother Maria Elizabeth Cervantes both praised Guerrero Mendoza while netizens also hailed the kindhearted teacher.

One Facebook user said: “Wonderful! The best lessons in life are those which are set by example. I am proud there are teachers who truly love their students and profession.”

Credit: CEN
The teacher dancing with the kid in the parade

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