Surprise Triplet Missed By Doctors Who Predicted Twins Finally Discharged From Hospital

A 37-day-old “miracle” baby who was one of three born to a mum who was just expecting twins has finally been discharged from hospital after surviving premature birth and corrective surgery on his oesophagus and stomach.

Murilo Pandora de Oliveira’s existence was only discovered when his mother, 28-year-old Enedina dos Santos Pandora, gave birth prematurely at eight months.

Enedina went into labour in the municipality of Maues in the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas on Monday, 12th July.

All her previous antenatal examinations had indicated that she was pregnant with twins, until the third surprise came along, which Enedina described as a “gift from God”.

Credit: Newsflash
Murilo Pandora de Oliveira was released form the hospital after 39 days, on 19th August, in in Manaus, Brazil.

Enedina said: “I never imagined I would have a third. At the moment the doctor was taking them out, I actually got scared when he said ‘oh look, there’s a third one too’.”

The triplets were transferred to a hospital in the state capital of Manaus on Wednesday, 14th July.

Siblings Miguel and Mirela were discharged on Saturday, 7th August, but Murilo had to remain in hospital, due to his delicate condition.

However, following his recovery, which doctors described as “a miracle”, he was able to be reunited with his siblings on Thursday, 19th August.

His mother said: “The feeling is one of joy. Being able to welcome my son home was everything I hoped for.”

She went on to describe her son as a “warrior” for surviving what he went through during his “very difficult” month in hospital.

Credit: Newsflash
The triplets, the surprise baby Murilo Pandora de Oliveira was released form the hospital after 39 days, on 19th August, in in Manaus, Brazil.

Murilo’s recovery was a welcome piece of good news for his mother, who became pregnant last year but went into labour early, with the baby being born but not surviving due to complications.

Enedina and her partner will now have a lot on their hands raising their newborn triplets in addition to their other children Thaleyssa and Thales, who are aged five and three respectively.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash

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