Stray Dogs Steals Show During Firework Festival

This is the moment a stray dog steals the show during a traditional Mexican festival by perfectly imitating a woman as she spins around with fireworks in a basket on her head.

The incredible moment was captured in the city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico during the traditional Las Calendas festival and has turned the dog, named Mazapan, into a local celebrity.

Video Credit – CEN/Alejandro Escobar Yescas

In the video, a woman in traditional “chinas oaxaquenas” dress can be seen stood in the middle of a crowd with onlooker spinning as she holds a basket with lit fireworks inside on top of her head.

The dog is not scared of the fireworks but instead seems to imitate the dancer, spinning around in circles as it runs around the woman.

The dog continues sprinting around in circles and barking as the fireworks go off above the woman’s head.

Credit: CEN/Twitter
Mazapan, the dog

Reports state Mazapan always attends the traditional festival and one netizen wrote: “he runs barking behind the fireworks and jumps to bite the sparks, he gets tired and sits down with his mouth open. Sometimes, people who do not know him try to move him away, but he is part of the magic of these city centre parades. He has a lot of love, but if you see him in the street, just give him water and food, he will appreciate it a lot”.

An online petition on has even been started to have the pooch officially recognised as the cultural image of Oaxaca.

The petition has also been started to “make people aware of respect, care and animal protection in the state of Oaxaca”.

Reports state the Mazapan even participated in a five-kilometre race in Oaxaca city centre recently.

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