Stage Packed Full Of Kids Collapses During Group Photo

This is the moment a stage with over a hundred children and adults taking a group photo on it suddenly collapses sending dozens plunging to the ground.

Officials say a 13-year-old child was declared dead while 14 others, including five adults, were injured during the accident caught on camera on 25th May.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

The stage collapse occurred at the end of a dance audition at the Jinshuixian – or Golden Daffodil – performing arts theatre in the coastal city of Zhangzhou in China’s eastern Fujian Province.

The stage collapses under the weight of the children

According to reports, over a hundred teenagers had turned up to audition for parts in an upcoming performance known as ‘Lucky Peacock’.

All the participants had gathered on stage and were to have a group photo taken when a raisable section of the stage floor suddenly gave way, video of the incident shows.

In the footage, the emcee directing the large crowd suddenly screams as rows of adults and children plunged into the ground.

Countless parents and other residents who were amongst the audience then rushed onto the stage to help rescue the children.

According to the fire service, they spent about 20 minutes helping the children, which included one young girl whose leg was trapped between the stage and the raisable platform rig.

They said two of the 14 injured were in serious condition.

The identity of the deceased victim has not been disclosed.

Credit: AsiaWire
One of the injured girls being carried

Authorities have reportedly detained three employees with the Kunming Queshen Cultural Broadcasting Company, which hosted the event.

While initial findings suggested the theatre stage had been crowded with too many people, a main organiser surnamed Yuan has been quoted as saying the stage was too “old”.

Further investigations are ongoing.

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