Solar Halo Like Eye In Sky Appears Over China

Solar halo that appeared like an eye in the sky above China that had netizens saying that it was as if the sun was wearing contact lenses.

The halo appeared above the city of Kunming, in southern China’s Yunnan province on the morning of 21st May, according to local media reports.

Li Xiaopeng, the Director of Kunming Meteorological Observatory, explained to local media that a solar halo, also known as a circular rainbow, is an optical phenomenon that occurs when sunlight passes through clouds and is refracted or reflected by ice crystals.


It is then dispersed into different colours of light and in different directions.

Online commentators like ‘Better To Be Lacking Than To Be Excessive5134’ said: “The real eye of heaven, so beautiful.”

And user ‘Baiyue Selection’ said: “It’s so spectacular. It’s rare to see a solar halo.”

While the user ‘Sycamore’ said: “Really? I almost thought it was a special effect.”

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