Sobbing Neo-Nazis Paralyse African Bouncer In Majorca

These two neo-Nazi football hooligans arrested on the party island of Majorca after an African bouncer was left partially-paralysed reportedly began sobbing when they heard they were going to jail.

The two German holidaymakers, identified as Robert F. and Johannes H., both 20, were arrested by Spanish cops after they beat up 44-year-old Senegalese bouncer Abdoulaye A.B. in front of the ‘Megapark’, a massive beer hall and nightclub in the popular resort S’Arenal in Majorca.

Credit: CEN/Google Maps
The massive Megapark indoor beer hall and club which is so popular with Germans that it even has a sausage stand in front of it

According to reports, Robert F. and Johannes H. were watching American pop singer Marc Terenzi and a male strip group called ‘Sixxpaxx’ when Abdoulaye ordered the pair to leave the premises for unknown reasons.

However, when they were thrown out, one of the Germans allegedly turned around and hit the Senegalese bouncer in the face.

Abdoulaye fell to the ground and both Germans allegedly pummelled the defenceless bouncer.

Eventually, more bouncers arrived and they managed to restrain the German tourists until the cops arrived.

An eyewitness said that Robert F. was particularly aggressive and needed several bouncers to restrain him.

As one of the tourists did not have his ID with him, he allowed officers to look at a scan he had saved on his phone.

Credit: CEN
Archive: German tourists show off their Swastika tattoos and shirts and brandish Nazi flags

According to local media, the Spanish cops also found several racist images featuring swastikas and the KKK.

Meanwhile, Abdoulaye was bleeding from his ear and unconscious so colleagues rushed him to hospital.

The bouncer reportedly suffered a broken nose, fractured cheekbone, spine and neck injuries, as well as severe concussion.

Reports said that he is unable to move the left side of his body although it is not yet clear whether the symptoms of paralysis are permanent.

Both suspects are being held in investigative custody and, according to the police, they started to sob when they heard they would have to go to jail.

Local media said that both Germans are members of a hooligan firm linked to Lokomotive Leipzig, a team in the fourth tier of German football.

Credit: CEN
Archive: A t-shirt with the text “summer, son, swastika”

They reportedly came to the party island of Majorca for a short holiday with around 75 other Lokomotive Leipzig supporters.

Robert F. and Johannes H. are also members of two different martial arts club which according to local media are both known to have extremist sympathies.

Antoni Noguera, the mayor of the Balearic capital Palma de Majorca, previously vowed to kick out drunk thugs and neo-Nazis descending on the resorts of Magaluf, Playa de Palma and El Arenal.

The rise of holidaying neo-Nazis openly brandishing their swastika tattoos and racist rhetoric have become a headache for Noguera.

He explained: “German people are welcome. It is only this minority we don’t want. It is tourism of drunkenness, violence and sometimes even the neo-Nazis.”

In prior incidents, German neo-Nazis have been spotted shouting right-wing slurs in a Ryanair plane heading to Majorca, performing the Nazi salute during screenings of a football match and even beating up African street vendors.

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Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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