Snow Bunnies Stage Amusing Punch-Up In Middle Of Night

This is the amusing moment what looked like two snow bunnies getting ready for Spring stage a boxing match in the middle of the night.

Local media reported that the pair were actually hares, and that the funny looking fight in which they looked as if they were boxing each other was in preparation for the mating season, with the mad March hares staking out their territory.

The video was captured on a night view camera with heavy snow still on the ground in the eastern Kazakhstan’s Katon-Karagay district.

Video Credit: CEN/@s.dildakhmet

It is unknown what type of hare they were but several species do turn white in order to make sure they are camouflaged during the snow, before turning back to their traditional grey or brown colour during the summer.

The video was shared by Saken Dildakhmet, the official spokesperson of the national committee on forestry and wildlife.

He noted that it was relatively rare to catch such a scene on camera, which in this case was set up at a location set up to feed larger animals including deer.

The added however that they were aware that other animals including bears, mice and birds were coming to the area to feed, and on this occasion the two hares.

The video was shared on social media where it attracted numerous comments.

Internet user named ‘Asia Aimagambetova’ said: “This is the nicest fight I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Credit: CEN/@s.dildakhmet
Fight of two hares got on a video

Another netizen named ‘Serikzhan Ermintaev’ said: “You should have added the song from the famous Mortal Combat scene.”

‘Zhanat Zhagiparov’ commented: “Best of the beasts.”

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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