Sick Dad Teaches Young Son How To Torture Animals

This is the moment a father teaches his young son how to “torture” a cat as he spins around a meowing moggie trapped inside a sack.

The unnamed man, from the commune of Ostrov in the south-eastern Romanian county of Constanta, posted the video on social media where it outraged netizens and he was forced to delete it, according to reports.

However, the video had already been re-shared on other platforms and the local authorities are currently trying to track down the dad, according to local media.

Video Credit: CEN/

In the footage, the father is seen wildly spinning a sack with a meowing cat apparently inside.

He is heard telling his young son: “This is how you torture a cat!”

Impressed by his dad’s feat, the boy tells his mother: “Hey, mummy, we are torturing cats here! We are making it go fast now.”

Credit: CEN
The poor cat can be seen struggling to regain it`s balance after being released from the sack

The youngster says to the cat: “What’s up, Bobitsa? Are you feeling dizzy?

The dad then releases the cat and the disorientated animal tries to find its feet before running away.

Netizens were outraged by the footage and one woman said that she would alert the authorities, writing: “I am going to send this video to Councillor Tudor Ionescu (General Council of Bucharest). I noticed he supports animal rights causes.

“We can also file reports with the local police. If the number of complaints is high enough, they will be forced to take action.”

Meanwhile, the local police have announced that they have launched an investigation and are trying to identify the man in the footage.

The probe continues.

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Story By: Gabriel ZamfirSub-Editor:Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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