Shipwrecked Drug Runners Use Cocaine To Stay Afloat

This is the moment three suspected drug traffickers are found off the coast of Colombia allegedly using packages of cocaine to stay afloat after their boat sunk.

The bizarre scenes were recorded in the Pacific Ocean 30 nautical miles off the coast of Tumaco in the Narino Department of western Colombia after members of the Colombian Navy spotted three men in the water.

Video Credit: CEN

In the video, recorded by the rescuers, three men can be seen in the water surrounded by packages of what local media report was allegedly cocaine.

The men are using the packages to stay afloat and the rescuers then throw one of them a life ring.

Credit: CEN
Moment of the rescue of the three people holding drug packages

The three men were rescued and given medical attention as they had been floating for at least three hours, according to local media.

Reports state their boat is believed to have sunk after being hit by a wave.

The authorities have reportedly confirmed the packages contained 1.2 tonnes of cocaine and the three men were arrested and placed at the disposition of the corresponding authorities to be “prosecuted for the trafficking, fabrication and handling of narcotics.” It is unclear if they have been charged.

Credit: CEN
People holding the drug packages in the sea

Reports state one person who was on the boat was not rescued in the operation and the navy are continuing to search for them.

The Colombian Navy has reportedly seized 163 tonnes of cocaine so far this year.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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