Sea Turtle Laying Eggs At Resort Stopped By Tourists

This is the moment a female sea turtle digs in the sand on a beach to lay its eggs among the sun loungers at a popular resort – but it failed to do so as tourists interrupted it by taking photos.

The green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) appeared on the beach in the Alanya district of Antalya province of Turkey and began digging in the sand between sun loungers.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

Local media report the turtle was digging to lay its eggs in the sand in the video it can be seen using its flippers to shovel the sand and create a hole.

However, reports state that the animal’s egg-laying process was interrupted by beachgoers taking photos and videos and the animal returned to the see without having laid its eggs.

Credit: AsiaWire
The turtle reportedly could not lay eggs as it was disturbed by the passersby

The Alanya Environment Training and Blue Flag Association (ALCED) President Serefnur Kayhan made an announcement regarding the issue, saying: “This is one of the strongest turtle breeds. If you watch the video carefully you will see how strongly it pushes the sand. Those turtles can grow up to 1.5 metres long and can weigh up to 400 kilos. They will do whatever it takes to reach a place to lay their eggs, they can even push the sunbeds. But this is not the issue. 

“The problem is the indifference of our citizens. The cameras and the lights really disturb those animals. They get disturbed by the interest of humans. Those animals cannot lay eggs when lights are held against them. The animal is seen in the video trying to hide its head into the sand as it gets disturbed by the flashlights. 

Credit: AsiaWire
ALCED President Sefernur Kayhan by the location where the turtle tried to lay the eggs

“People gathered around the turtle for the sake of getting likes. I searched for the exact location of the incident. I started searching at 3.30 am, at around 5 am I found the place and searched for eggs but there were no eggs laid.”

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Story By: Sibel AbdiuSub-EditorJoseph Golder,Agency: Asia Wire Report

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