Scary Glass Bottomed Rope Bridge Opens At Russian Peak But Only For Lightweight Hikers

This scary-looking rope bridge with glass steps that looks like it could be very dangerous when wet has opened in a Russian mountain spot – and tubby hikers have been told not to use it as it’s only safe for lightweights.

The transparent-stepped suspension bridge was opened at Rosa Peak near the resort city of Sochi in the south-western Russian region of Krasnodar Krai.

The Rosa Khutor ski resort said the bridge is 32 metres (104.9 feet) long at an altitude of 2,320 metres (7,612 feet) above sea level.

Project organiser Alexander Yakushchenko said: “Our bridge is a unique structure. Of course, we were inspired by others overseas, but in the end, we created our own version.”

The bridge consists of treads made of solid monolithic polycarbonate fastened with metal brackets and cables.

Credit: @kirill.baggage.photographer/Newsflash
Russia’s first glass suspension bridge has appeared in the Sochi Mountains at the top of Rosa Peak.

Yakushchenko said: “The bridge itself, in contrast to those that already exist around the world, is mobile, therefore, the passage along it is filled with lots of vivid emotions.”

The Rosa Khutor ski resort said: “Safety is guaranteed with special equipment, which must be worn by everyone who wants to cross the bridge.

“There are also restrictions on weight and height. People whose weight does not exceed 100 kilogrammes (15.7 stone) and whose height is at least 130 centimetres (4’ 3”) are allowed on the bridge.”

The ski resort added that thrill-seekers can take advantage of two other suspension bridges at Rose Peak along with the new bridge with transparent steps.

One of the suspension bridges is called ‘The Big Bridge’, and is only open during the summer. It is 115 metres (377.2 feet) long. The other is called ‘The Small Bridge’, is 72 metres (236.2 feet) long, and it is open all year round.

It is expected that the new ‘glass’ bridge will be available to visitors at any time of the year.

Twitter user ‘Just A Kitten’ commented: “It looks dangerous. Glass is slippery, and the bridge is unstable.”

Netizen ‘Lyudmila Kulikova’ wrote: “I’d rather die on this side than cross such that bridge to the other side! Looking at the picture is scary!”

‘Sibiria’ said: “I had enough experience when I tried to walk the bridge at Belaya River near the village of Khadzhokh. The bridge was wide, but it kept moving. I couldn’t even reach the middle, people took me back, holding me in their arms.”

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash

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