Scared Toddler Gives Game Away When Mum Tries To Smuggle Beetles

Toddler nervously leaning forward gives the game away about the fact that his mother has hidden creepy crawlies in bottles behind his back.

The nervous kid in a baby stroller was being pushed by his mum through the “nothing to declare” channel in Shenzhen Futian Port in the Chinese city of the same name located on the east bank of the Pearl River estuary in the province of Guangdong.

Seeing the way the boy was leaning forward, a customs officer decided to inspect the pram and found hidden underneath, close behind him, the bottles filled with beetles as seen in fooage released on 3rd June.

In total, there were two plastic containers containing beetles hidden inside as well as a cigarette box, which had a further five transparent containers also containing one to two beetles each.

Picture shows the beetles at Futian Port, China, undated. Customs stopped a woman pushing a baby stroller and found beetles she attempted to smuggle. (China Customs/AsiaWire)

In total the customs officers found 15 beetles and identification experts revealed that they were from seven different species, including the South Sea Giant Beetle, the Agnes South Sea Giant Beetle, the Actian Giant Beetle, the Hercules Giant Beetle, the Chinese Flat Shovel, the Chinese Shovel and the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle.

They revealed that three of the species, the South Sea Giant Beetle, the Actian Giant Beetle. And the Hercules Giant Beetle are not native to China and could cause serious damage to the environment if smuggled into the country and allowed to escape into the wild.

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Online commentators like ‘Bunny’ said: “They risk destroying the local ecosystem. I hope the customs will strictly enforce it! Why are there so many people like this.”

And user ‘Buddha’s Heart’ said: “Be sure to carefully examine what her purpose is.”

While the user ‘User 8622218’ said: “We need to conduct a strict review!!”

Customs stop a woman pushing a baby stroller and find beetles she attempted to smuggle. At Futian Port, China, undated. It hidden in the baby stroler. (China Customs/AsiaWire)

To find out more about the author, editor or agency that supplied this story – please click below. Story By: Aloysius Fernandes, Sub-Editor: Simona Kitanovska, Agency: AsiaWire Report

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