Russian MoD Shows Docs Helping Italians Fight COVID-19

This Russian MoD footage reportedly shows Russian doctors treating coronavirus patients in an Italian hospital’s intensive care unit.

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed that their doctors and nurses are now accepting COVID-19 infected patients in the northern Italian city of Bergamo, one of the epicentres of the country’s outbreak.

The press service of the Russian Ministry reported: “From the Russian side, eight medical and nursing teams are involved in the treatment of patients in all intensive care units and departments of Bergamo Hospital for the treatment of mild and moderate patients.”

Video Credit: Newsflash/Russian Defence Ministry

According to the officials, the Russian teams include 32 specialists in the sphere who are highly qualified doctors and nurses. The working process is divided into three working schedules.

The Bergamo Hospital can reportedly treat 142 patients at the same time and 200 specialists from Russia and Italy will carry out the treatment of the infected patients.

In late March, it was reported that Russian specialists from the Ministry of Defence helped disinfect Italian nursing homes in many areas of the Lombardy region of the country.

Thirty-three urban localities were disinfected in the region with 37 buildings, which were treated with chemicals against viruses.

Credit: Newsflash/Russian Defence Ministry
Russian doctors began admitting patients at a hospital in Bergamo

On 23rd March, 15 Russian military transport aeroplanes arrived in Italy offering humanitarian help, bringing doctors, nurses, and medical equipment to help fight COVID-19.

However, some quarters including Italian newspaper La Stampa have claimed Russia’s aid for Italy in the coronavirus pandemic is geopolitically motivated, with the newspaper claiming that 80 percent of the aid is “useless”.

Russian supplies sent to the United States were described as “aid” in Russian media but America’s Secretary of State said on social media that the supplies had been paid for.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, Italy has suffered 135,586 COVID-19 cases with 17,127 deaths and 24,392 recoveries.

Russia has suffered 7,497 cases with 58 deaths and 494 recovered.

Credit: Newsflash/Russian Defence Ministry
Russian doctors began admitting patients at a hospital in Bergamo

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