Russian Man Stabbed Because Of Brightly Coloured Hair

This Russian male hairstylist was stabbed in the neck three times and beaten as he walked in the street by an attacker who took exception to his brightly-coloured hair.

Alexander, whose surname has not been reported but goes by the pseudonym ‘Glize Nana’, is a Russian hairstylist who works in the country’s capital, Moscow.

Alexander claims that he was attacked at around midnight on Monday night at a shop close to his home.

Credit: CEN/@glizenanag
Alexander’s wounds on neck

He posted: “I was walking together with my friend and near the ‘Dixi’ market we said goodbye. A moment later, I hear a man from behind telling me I look weird and it’s bad to have such a hair colour.”

Before Alexander had the chance to reply, the assailant slapped him across the face and pushed him to the ground and stomped his foot on Alexander’s neck.

In a flash, the assailant grabbed a knife and stabbed the stylist in the neck three times before disappearing from the scene.

Shocked Alexander managed to stem the bleeding from his neck and called his friend to get help.

He was later sent to a hospital where medics found that the wounds had just missed his carotid artery and this was reportedly the only thing that saved his life.

Besides the wounds on his neck, Alexander suffered facial nerve damage and can no longer feel the right side of his face.

The assailant’s identity remains unknown and police are currently investigating the case.

Netizens took to social media to comment on the incident.

‘neyrawolf’ said: “I’m happy you are alive”

Another netizen ‘gasterpaketik’ said: “Wish they will find the bastard who did this”

Another netizen ‘ankhesepaaton’ said: “They have to find the idiot who did this. You may be not the only victim of his. Good luck’

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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