Russian Hannibal Lecter Arrested For Eating 3 Victims

These images show the body parts found as a 66-year-old Russian pensioner was arrested for killing three people and eating their chopped-up flesh.

Victor Zakharov, who comes from the village of Severnoe in the southern Russian region of Novosibirsk Oblast, was arrested after gruesome body parts were reportedly found in his garden.

According to local media, the ‘Russian Hannibal Lecter’ was arrested on 20th April after a neighbour called the police because her missing husband’s bicycle was found in his garden and the suspect was unable to explain how it got there.

Credit: Newsflash/@plohie_novosti_18
Photo of the remains of the victims of the butcher from the Novosibirsk region

The unnamed woman had reported her 36-year-old husband, named Petr Lysyanoy, as missing on 17th April.

Reports said that she visited the pensioner to ask him if he had seen him when she spotted her husband’s bike in the suspect’s garden.

His cut-up remains were found by the cops at Zakharov’s property on 20th April, according to local media.

Police on the scene reportedly found other chopped-up human limbs and organs at the suspect’s house.

According to local media, they found body parts in the OAP’s cesspit and other areas of the garden that belonged to two men reported as missing in 2018 and 2019.

The victim who disappeared in 2018, surnamed Dryomov, was reportedly identified by a metal pin in his leg.

Local media said that Zakharov was sentenced for rape and aggravated murder when Russia was part of the Soviet Union.

Local residents described the suspect as quiet, introverted and someone who enjoyed fishing.

Credit: Newsflash/@plohie_novosti_18
Photo of the remains of the victims of the butcher from the Novosibirsk region

According to reports, the suspected confessed his guilt to the police under questioning and admitted to stripping off the flesh to consume later.

He reportedly kept some of the parts in a neighbour’s freezer.

It is currently unclear whether the neighbour took part in the macabre activities and is also under arrest.

The investigation continues.

It is unknown whether Zakharov ate the body parts with accompaniments such as fava beans and Chianti.

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Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

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