Romanian Barbie Announces School For Divas

A Romanian Influencer and model who has had so much plastic surgery she looks like a real-life barbie doll has announced she is opening an online school for Divas.

The 38-year-old Instagram influencer Bianca Dragusanu, who lives in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, shares daily photos of her perfectly sculpted barbie figure and face to her over one million followers.

According to local news outlet Evz, Bianca has announced that she wants to share with the world her beauty tips, secrets and virtual cheats to look good everywhere you go.

The Influencer said that she only needs 15 minutes to get ready and look impeccable.

Credit: CEN/@biancadragusanu18
Bianca Dragusanu

According to Evz, Bianca said: “I want to open a school for divas. I am a diva all the time: well-dressed and properly made-up. That’s how I like to be because I care about my status as a public person. That’s how I am, whether I go to the beach, to the gym, even when I spend time with my child or take out the rubbish.

“I’m ready in 15 minutes. Starting next Wednesday I will start classes at the divas’ school. I will explain what I promised about: Instagram, likes, real-life, beauty.”

Bianca has modelled for famous designers such as Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani.

Credit: CEN/@biancadragusanu18
Bianca Dragusanu

In the winter of 2010, Bianca Dragusanu accepted the offer to pose in the December issue of Playboy magazine, in exchange for 10,000 EUR (8,950 GBP).

Bianca has a daughter called Sofia, who often shares photos with her on her social media profile.

The model has a turbulent on-off relationship with businessman Alex Bodi.

The influencer shared snaps last weekend at a seaside resort with her daughter, Bodi and his two daughters.

According to newspaper Impact, the pair were seen arguing at a club at 2 am, after which Bianca left alone.

An unnamed witness reportedly told the newspaper: “From what I could understand, she caught him, again, talking on Whatsapp to a young lady, even though he had sworn he would never cheat on her again.”

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