Rescue Crew Board Migrant Boat And Steer Away From Rocks

This is the moment rescuers working at night board a tiny boat packed to the rafters with 70 migrants bound for Europe and save them by steering the vessel away from deadly rocks.

The startling scene was recorded off the coast of Los Canos de Meca, in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz in the Andalusia region.

Video Credit: CEN

Local media report the boat, packed with 70 migrants, had been dragged into the rocky area of reefs off the coast and was likely to crash into the rocks.

Spanish Civil Guard officers managed to spot the boat and in the video, they can be seen shining a spotlight and approaching the boat in a small vessel.

The boat of migrants rescued by the officials

The small boat is packed with migrants trying to reach Europe and one of the officers then jumps onto it to skipper it away from the rocks.

The Civil Guard worked to calm the migrants down and stop them from falling into the water as the officer on-board the boat starts the engine and steers it away from danger.

Local media report the migrants were taken to a quiet area near Barbate before they were taken to the port by the Marine Rescue service.

The boat was rescued from a similar area to where a migrant vessel crashed six months ago killing around 20 people.

Credit: CEN
The boat of migrants rescued by the officials

Netizen ‘Chimbo’ commented: “My respect and admiration for those professionals, congratulations”.

And ‘Matamoros’ said: “Very well, and now, once they are rescued from the danger, they are put again in a boat and are sent back to Morocco, as they are not welcome here”.

It is unclear what happened to the migrants once they were taken to the port.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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