Rat Sneaks Into Family Home And Bites Eye Of Poor Girl, 3, While She Slept

This poor three-year-old girl has had her eye bitten by a rat while she slept in her home at night.

The rodent entered the family home, located in Quadra (Block) 308, in the administrative region of Santa Maria, in the Federal District, in the Central-West Region of Brazil.

The rat is believed to have climbed onto the youngster’s bed while she was sleeping and bitten her on the eyelid.

The incident took place in the early hours of Sunday, 20th March.

When the rat bit the young girl, she screamed, prompting her mum, Cintia D’arc Motta, to run over to the youngster, whom she found bloodied.

Cintia called the emergency services, and paramedics came to the scene to treat her daughter.

Cintia took to social media to write: “I thought my daughter was going to lose her vision. I almost died when I saw such a terrifying scene.”

One local, female resident said: “Here in 308 there are several problems, mainly coming from the sewer. Rats, cockroaches, and, above all, scorpions.

“Last month, my daughter was stung by a scorpion. We keep everything clean – the garden, the house – but they still come in. Best wishes to the princess.”

Cintia suspects that the rat came from a pile of rubbish close to her house.

She said that following the bite, her daughter developed a fever and was taken to the Santa Maria Regional Hospital (HRSM).

She has reportedly since been discharged and is said to be doing well.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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