Radio Presenter Shot Dead In Front Of 6yo Granddaughter

A popular radio presenter and celebrity gossip journalist has been shot dead at his home in front of his six-year-old granddaughter.

The incident took place at around 7.20pm at the 51-year-old victim’s home in the city of Riohacha in the northern Colombian department of La Guajira when a masked hitman reportedly broke into his home and shot him in the head.

The victim, Victor Diago Cardozo, who presented a popular morning radio show called ‘Mornings with Victor’ on the station Dibulla Stereo, was reportedly killed in his small apartment in front of his young granddaughter.

Victor Diago, the victim

His death was baffling as although he was also a journalist he mainly concentrated on music and gossip rather than hard news. He was filing a report for the radio station he worked for when he was shot dead. At present, the local authorities do not have any leads to follow up on, according to reports.

The shooter was accompanied by an accomplice on a motorbike who waited around the corner and then they both fled the scene.

The crime occurred during a worrying wave of violent deaths in the Colombian state that has already seen 10 people killed this month.

A spokesperson for the Colombian Federation of Journalists said: “Colombian authorities must investigate and prosecute those responsible for the death of Dibulla Stereo’s art director Victor Diago who was murdered today in Riohacha.

Victor Diago, the victim

“From 7am to 11am, Diago presented ‘Mornings with Victor’, a much-loved programme.”

Felcoper, an organization that includes 1,200 journalists has also asked prosecutors to investigate the case.

According to local media, Diago had a long and established career in radio broadcasting and also hosted music events and festivals.

Meanwhile, the local authorities are offering a reward of up to 50 million COP (12,415 GBP) for anyone who can supply information leading to the suspects’ arrest.

Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorMichael Leidig,  Agency: Central European News


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