Quick-Thinking Biker Dodges Lorry Overtaking On Bend

This helmet-camera footage shows a biker narrowly avoiding an oncoming lorry on a winding mountain road after the driver of the HGV tries to overtake cars on a bend.

Video Credit: CEN/A.Ostos-V.Segura

The incident took place on 19th April in an area known as ‘la Cuesta de Lipan’ in the Tumbaya department of the Jujuy province in north-western Argentina near the border with Chile and the footage has only just been released.

In the video, recorded on biker Victor Segura’s helmet camera, he can be seen riding down a mountain road when a lorry suddenly appears coming at him head-on on his side of the road.

Credit: CEN/A.Ostos-V.Segura
Moment the biker almost crashes against the lorry which is overtaking other vehicles

The biker is forced to break suddenly and ride into an area of rocks on the side of the narrow road as the lorry is taking up all of his lane.

The biker then turns around and follows the lorry which he records again overtaking a car on a bend on the narrow road.

Segura shared the video on social media where he said he had worked with journalist Agustin Ostos to find out that the lorry belonged to the Chilean company ‘GMO Trans’ and its licence plate number was KK-WF-49 after watching the video again.

He commented: “It still scares me when I remember it […] We have to take drivers like this off the roads.”

Credit: CEN/A.Ostos-V.Segura
Moment the biker almost crashes against the lorry which is overtaking other vehicles

According to a message published on social media this week by the government of the Jujuy Province, the lorry driver, whose name has not been disclosed but who is from Chile, was arrested in the village of Rio Piedras in the Salta Province in north-western Argentina when he was coming from Chile.

Reports said he was transferred to the capital of Jujuy province San Salvador de Jujuy where the local authorities will decide if they will press charges against the driver for infringing the National Traffic Law. The lorry was reportedly seized.

Credit: CEN/@american_mototrip
Victor Segura

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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