Prince Of Whales: Fisherman Loses 16 Stone After Memes

A Russian fisherman has lost nearly 16 stone after this video of him lying drunk on the ice went viral in 2014 and he became a popular meme.

Sergei Kuznetsov from the city of Ozarsk in the south-western Russian region of Chelyabinsk Oblast became famous in 2014 thanks to the viral footage, which has been viewed 5.5 million times on YouTube.

In the clip, the apparently drunk man is seen lying on an iced-over lake where he reportedly came to fish.

Video Credit: Newsflash/Lucky Dota

The cameraperson asks him if he is okay and he replies: “All cool.”

The footage went viral and ‘all cool’ promptly became a widely used meme on social media.

Netizen ‘Kayf Ukha’ said: “They say the Titanic crashed into this guy.”

‘Kristi Di’ wrote: “I first thought it was a whale.”

Since the video was recorded, Kuznetsov has reportedly lost around 100 kilogrammes (15.7 stone) in weight as pictures of him now seem to show.

Kuznetsov said: “After I saw that video, I decided to lose weight urgently. I weighed over 200 kilos (31 stone) at the time.”

He explained that he used to be a bodybuilder and would eat a lot of calories every day which he burned off at work and in the gym.

However, when he stopped working he continued to eat the same amount and piled on the pounds.

Kuznetsov said that he lost 50 kilogrammes (7.8 stone) in the first year and decided to continue losing more weight.

As well as exercising more, he started a new job as a supermarket security guard which also helped him to shed more weight.

Kuznetsov said he currently weighs 97 kilogrammes (15.3 stone).

Even though his appearance has drastically changed since 2014, Kuznetsov said that people still recognise him in the street and ask for a selfie.

He never refuses photos with ‘fans’ and simply answers them with his catchphrase: “All cool.”

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Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

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