Pregnant Dolphin Asks Tourists For Help On Beach

This is the moment a distressed pregnant dolphin approaches tourists at a bustling beach apparently “to ask for help” before giving birth to a stillborn calf off-camera.

The incident took place at the Bay of Lalzi on the Adriatic Sea near the port city of Durres in north-western Albania when the female dolphin reportedly approached bathers for help.

Video Credit: CEN/@AKZM.GOV.AL

According to local media, excited beachgoers tried to help the animal before experts from the National Agency of Protected Zones (AKZM) arrived.

Credit: CEN
Locals try to assist the mother dolphin

When they showed up, the experts assisted the pregnant dolphin but the calf was said to be premature and was eventually delivered still born.

After the sad birth, AKZM experts helped the mother dolphin back out to sea.

An AKZM statement said: “The dolphin was pregnant and was trying to find an appropriate place to give birth.

Credit: CEN
A mother dolphin was spotted in a crowded beach trying to give birth

“[We] were informed by beachgoers and we immediately sent experts to help. The dolphin gave birth under their watchful eye, but the pregnancy was premature and the calf was delivered stillborn.

“Our experts contacted colleagues in Greece who arrived at the same conclusion. After the birth, the mother dolphin was returned to sea and did not return.

“After consideration, we would like to ask citizens to immediately inform the relevant authorities and try not to handle the situation themselves as expertise is often needed in such cases.

“Wild animals are not toys for children and grownups. They usually approach crowded places to ask for help.”

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Story By: Sibel AbdiuSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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