Preacher Says Gender-Swap App Forbidden For Muslims

This Islamic university preacher has called for Muslims to stop using a popular ‘gender-swapping’ application as he says changing the appearance of your gender is “against human nature” and could “attract paedophiles”.

Malaysian Islamic preacher Nur Muhammad Hadi said ‘FaceApp’, which has taken social media by storm with its ability to change users’ appearance to different genders, is ‘haram’ – or forbidden – for Muslims.

He gave the example of a man changing his appearance to female features as “against human nature” and added that then sharing the photos of the gender-swapping was “humiliating and degrading”.

Hadi, who works at the University of Islamic Sciences in the Malaysian state of Selangor, went on to warn that parents should prevent their children from using the application as it could encourage them to become transgender or the photos could attract paedophiles.

Credit: CEN
Preacher Nur Muhammad Hadi who says Faceapp is forbidden fr Muslims

He said he “feared” young boys would want to become female if they saw their gender changed in the application, and vice versa.

He added: “Also, paedophiles may be attracted to children who post their photos online when playing with the gender-swapping feature.”

FaceApp was developed in Russia three years ago and has become a social media trend this month with its ability to change users’ appearance between genders.

Credit: CEN
Illustrative image for Faceapp gender swaping filter

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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