Pooch With Hind Legs Chopped Off Saved By Rescuers

This is the shocking moment animal rescuers find a dog with its hind legs chopped off lying in the grass and save the poor pooch by rescuing it.

The dog, named Gavrilo, was spotted by rescuers from the Fondacija Pokret Levijatan organisation near a train station some 50 kilometres from the Serbian capital Belgrade.

In the video, the rescuers can be seen driving when they stop at the pooch lying in the grass.

Credit: Newsflash/@levijatanudruzenje

One of the rescuers says: “What happened to you? You can’t even move. Don’t worry I won’t do anything bad, we will meet now.”

A rescuer then picks up the pooch and its hind legs can be seen completely missing as it is carried into the team’s van.

The organisation told Newsflash Gavrilo is a male and was in a very bad condition today.

They added to Newsflash: “Gavrilo is okay now, he is on an infusion, his paws are in bandages and we are doing everything we can for him to get stronger and to be able to go for an operation.”

Credit: Newsflash/@levijatanudruzenje
Dog found with cut paws on the heat in Belgrade, capital of Serbia

The organisation told Newsflash that somebody had apparently injured the dog, saying: “Apparently, someone injured him physically and brought him to the railroad to make it look like it was a train accident.

“The wounds are very strange and too precise for a train”.

Netizens were shocked by the accident and ‘Sanja Radomirovic’ commented: “This is so awful. If animals could talk, people would cry.”

‘Ljiljana Nenadovic ‘ wrote: “People from the organisation have big hearts. God bless you all.”

‘Marko Randjelovic’ said: “Is it possible that people can do this, that they can be this bad? I hope this organisation lasts forever.”

Credit: Newsflash/@levijatanudruzenje
Dog found with cut paws on the heat in Belgrade, capital of Serbia

‘Dragana Ostojic’ remarked: “I am so sad I saw this.”

‘Violeta Gocevska’ wrote: “This is like something from a horror movie.”

Fondacija Pokret Levijatan s a non-profit foundation that works with donations from the public.

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Story By:  Sofija Dizdarevik, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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