Polite Bear Shuts Gate After Rooting Through Rubbish Bin

This is the moment a respectful bear is seen opening and closing the front gate of a home on its hind legs as it roots through the bin to find food.

The startling scenes were recorded in the town of Predeal, in central Romania’s Brasov county when the young Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) was spotted walking through a house gate.

In the first clip, the bear can be seen standing next to the gate on its hind legs as it seemingly checks that the coast is clear.

The bear then drops back onto all fours and walks into the front garden, moving towards a bin where it finds something to eat.

Credit: Newsflash/@anamaria.buzaianu.7

The bear then walks out of the garden with its food, strolling down the middle of a road before stopping to eat.

The bear continuously looks around as it eats its stolen food before walking back up the road.

Another clip shows the bear walking up to the same garden, but when it finds the gate closed it leaps up over the fence before knocking over the bin.

This time it finds no food and runs back up to the gate, standing on its hind legs.

The bear then opens and shuts the gate before leaping over the fence. It then turns around and pulls the gate shut again before walking towards another house and disappearing from view.

Local residents say the bear visits the area often, with some saying they have been forced to lock up their rubbish bins.

Foresters say the bears leave the forest because they can no longer find food, especially because of deforestation.

Romania has the largest bear population in Europe, with a December 2010 study showing there were approximately 6,000 brown bears in the country, equating to 40 percent of all the bears in the European Union.

Credit: Newsflash/@anamaria.buzaianu.7

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Story By: Sergiu NazaruSub Editor:  Michael LeidigAgency: Newsflash

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