Police Recover Treasures From EUR 113 Million Gems Raid

Police have retrieved a “considerable part” of the EUR 113 million gems collection stolen in one of the biggest jewellery thefts in history.

The astonishing diamonds and rare artefacts dating back to the 17th century were stolen three years ago from the Green Vault museum in Dresden, Saxony State, Germany.

At the time two thieves smashed one of the museum’s display cases and looted more than 4,300 items with a total value of over EUR 113 million (GBP 98 million).

The pair were said to be members of the so-called Remmo Clan, a family with Arab origins and links to organised crime.

Queen Amalie Auguste’s diamond necklace stolen from the historic Green Vault in Dresden, Germany, in November 2019. (Police Saxony/Newsflash)

A surveillance camera video shared by Saxony’s police department showed the moment the thieves shattered the display window’s glass into pieces just minutes before 5am on 25th November, 2019.

The looted items reportedly included a sword with a diamond-encrusted hilt and a shoulder piece which contained the 62-carat Dresden white diamond, that allegedly originated from the Golconda mines in Southern India.

It used to belong to the King of Saxony Frederick Augustus I, who acquired it for somewhere between USD 750,000 (GBP 615,500) and 1,000,000 (GBP 820,660) after he got captivated by its cut, clarity, and colour.

Six suspects identified as Abdul Majed Remmo, 22, Rabih Remmo, 28, Mohamed Remmo, 22, Wissam Remmo, 22, Bashir Remmo, 25, and Ahmed Remmo, 23, were arrested regarding the spectacular heist.

The trial against them was opened in January 2022, and is still ongoing.

But now German police have revealed that they’ve recovered 31 individual items or pieces of the items as part of court proceedings against the suspects on Friday, 16th December.

Jewel of the Polish White Eagle Order stolen from the historic Green Vault in Dresden, Germany, in November 2019. (Police Saxony/Newsflash)

Police Saxony said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “After an initial inspection, there are 31 individual pieces, including several pieces that appear to be complete, such as the hat decoration (heron tail) and the breast star of the Polish Order of the White Eagle from the diamond set.

“Among other things, the epaulette with the “Saxon White” that was damaged during the theft and the large breast bow of Queen Amalie Auguste are missing.”

The police explained that the seized items were transferred to a secure location and are currently guarded by special police forces.

A forensics team and experts from the Dresden State Art Collections should confirm the items’ authenticity and completeness.

They added: “This was preceded by exploratory talks between the defense and the public prosecutor’s office, including the court, on a possible settlement of the procedure and the return of any booty that was still there.”

Hutagraffe stolen from the historic Green Vault in Dresden, Germany, in November 2019. (Police Saxony/Newsflash)

Saxon Premier Michael Kretschmer said on Twitter: “The police and judiciary have done a first-class job.

“Saxony says: Thank you! The valuable artworks of the Green Vault are part of our state’s cultural heritage.”

The trial against the six members of the large criminal network of Arabic origin is reportedly set to resume at the Dresden Regional Court on Tuesday, 20th December.

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Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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