Pets Left To Die In Flat Drank Toilet Water To Survive

Two dogs and a cat abandoned in a German flat survived by drinking water from the toilet bowl and the dogs even lost claws trying to tear open the door so they could get out and find food.

A horrendous smell coming from the flat was what prompted neighbours to realise there was a problem, and they contacted the animal charity “Arme Socken” (‘Poor Socks’) who raised the alarm with police in the German city of Dortmund in the western North Rhine-Westphalia region.

Newsflash contacted the “Arme Socken” (‘Poor Socks’) organisation where spokesperson Veronica Bugenholz said: “We contacted the police after getting a call from the neighbours, and confirmed that there was a terrible smell coming from the flat. You would only know that there were dogs inside because you could hear them grunting through the open windows.

“When the police officers arrived, they confirmed that there was clearly something wrong judging by the smell, and so they broke into the flat where we were instantly hit by the terrible stench.

“Inside there were two dogs, both pit bulls, and one cat. They were in a terrible condition, it looked as if they hadn’t had any food for weeks. We suspect they were drinking water from the toilet bowl because there was no food inside, and no water.

“The poor animals were so desperate to survive, that the dogs had tried to rip through the door, which showed signs of damage, and is probably where one of them managed to have its claws torn off, it was so desperate to get out.

“The neighbours said that the young couple, who were jobless, rather than clearing the flat up, decided to leave and simply move out to live with relatives, leaving the dogs and the cat behind.

“We have taken them to a private house now where they are being cared for. But we cannot put them up for adoption yet because we have to make a court application to take them away from the current owners so they can be put with new owners. In the meantime, they are getting medication and treatment.”

Credit: Newsflash
One of the French bulldogs that were saved from an apartment in Dortmund

Police spokesman Peter Bandermann, 53, in a statement to the media said: “The colleagues had the apartment opened with a second key. In the heavily littered and dirty apartment, they discovered two emaciated French bulldogs and one emaciated cat. There were no food bowls or water bowls anywhere.”

The dogs had even gnawed through wooden doors in the apartment to try and get into different rooms in the hope of finding food.

The two dogs were believed to have been used for producing puppies with Veronika confirming: “They were only kept for puppy production.”

The police have filed a complaint against the owners for violating animal protection laws.

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash

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