Perv Pastor Jailed For 3 Years For Arranging Rape of Ex

A German pastor has been jailed for arranging the brutal rape of his ex-lover online using a fake dating profile.

Rainer H., 60, has been sentenced to three years in jail by a court in Stendal, a town in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, for attempted sexual coercion in two cases.

According to local media Rainer H .accepted the verdict. He told the court he had tried to apologise to his victim sending her a bunch of flowers and a letter.

He told the court ‘he never meant to hurt her’.

The man, who is currently off sick from his job as a pastor, allegedly incited two men he met online to brutally rape the woman.

The court heard how Rainer H. had organised the rape of the young woman, who was the daughter of a colleague of his.

He met the woman when he confirmed her at the church when she was 14 years old, a few years later she started a relationship with the married father-of-two. When she tried to break off the relationship, he did not accept this.

The prosecutor said: “The man was so irritated the woman ended her relationship to him, that he set up a fake dating profile.”

The pastor allegedly wrote to men online pretending to be the woman talking about sex without taboos and violent sex. He allegedly wrote: “You can cover me in chloroform and rape me.”

In the chats where he was pretending to be the young woman the court heard he wrote: “You can do anything you want with me.”

He also sent the men pornographic pictures alongside the woman’s address.

The men went to visit the woman, when she acted surprised about the chat between the two, they went to the police.

The pastor claims he just wanted his ex to get some rough sex and that he wanted to help her as he knew she liked it, according to reports.

He has been off sick since 2016 receiving 3,300 EUR (2,900 GBP) per month, according to local media.

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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