Pair Open Worlds First Shop To Protect Against 5G Waves

This Swiss couple has opened the world’s first shop that offers products protecting customers from 5G waves amid claims the new mobile technology causes a string of side effects.

The Wavesafe shop in Wettingen in the district of Baden in the Swiss canton of Aargau is owned by Ronald, 62, and Ruth Widmer, 64.

Credit: CEN/Wavesafe
Some of the items on sale at he shop

The business opened its doors last week and the owners said that is the world’s first shop specialising in wave-protection products as similar items are already available to buy online.

The shop sells clothing and household objects which claim to protect against 5G waves and includes underwear, jeans, baby clothing, pram covers and mosquito nets.

A pregnancy protection belt costs 95 GBP, a pair of jeans is 125 GBP, a pram cover costs 310 GBP and a pair of boxer shorts retail at 35 GBP.

Visitors to the shop can even test the levels of electromagnetic radiation with an electrosmog measuring device.

The owners said: “Customers can inspect the different materials on offer and with our testing devices can see for themselves the shielding effects they have.

Credit: CEN/Ronald Widmer
The Swiss shop selling the protective products

Jeans come with a radiation-protection pocket and the T-shirts, shirts and underwear are sold with a lining that also protects against harmful waves.

The owners strongly believe that waves damage our health and cause headaches, tiredness and added pressure on the body.

Ruth Widmer said that she is electro-sensitive and has a reaction to the effects of waves in the air.

Widmer added: “When I started to wear protective clothing, I started to lead a life without any symptoms.”

Credit: CEN/Ronald Widmer
The shop owners Ronald and Ruth Widmer

The pair also claimed that waves can cause damage to men’s sperm quality, although there is not yet sufficient evidence to support this.

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection confirmed there is still no proof about the link between high-frequency electromagnetic fields and the quality of male semen.

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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