Oz Officials Put Up 100s Of 5G Cells In Lockdown Claim

An Australian man claims officials in Melbourne have been rushing to install 5G technology cells around the city while people were quarantined under lockdown.

Matt Lawson, 42, a professional photographer, said that they had been put up on corners everywhere pointing out the radiation warning signs, saying it was happening while people were in lockdown.

He used the opportunity for people to go out and exercise to film what he said was the new 5G technology around the city, saying: “I am exercising my rights to look at my beautiful city here.”

Credit: CEN/Matt Lawson

He said what was happening was part of the Smart Cities initiative in Melbourne and added: “These (cells) are everywhere. I just walked around the city and counted over 300 of them in the last half an hour. I mean they are everywhere, they are on every single corner. The other thing they’ve done is using the areas where they have Wi-Fi and have put facial recognition cameras in throughout the city. These are everywhere along the city too.”

He said this was “in Melbourne city of course”, and he’d seen a similar post from someone in Sydney where he decided to check not expecting to seem so much in his own city.

He added: “It’s a bit of an eye-opener, it’s a bit daunting as well. It’s kind of got me feeling a bit off about the whole thing, because I think everyone of these cells has a radiation sticker on it as well. And that’s where you start thinking how can we be putting this out in the world when it’s already known that there is radiation coming from the cells.”

Credit: CEN/Matt Lawson
Installation of 5g antennas and cameras around the city of Melburn

As well as the radiation he is also also concerned about the fact that the government wants to know who is coming into the city and out, and who those people are using the facial recognition cameras.

He claimed that changes were being made overnight to make extra sure no one was around, and the media was not properly covering it.

He told CEN: “Media isn’t covering it even though it’s the biggest advance in technology in years. We have had protests in the state of NSW in a town named Mullumbimby and we are putting together legal paperwork to allow us to protest in Melbourne if the legal work doesn’t stop the rollout.”

He added “I’ve lived in Melbourne all of my life. I’ve got three beautiful kids and I started this journey to ensure a better future for them. I run the page with one other Admin and five amazing moderators. We are keeping to the facts on the radiation dangers, surveillance factor and talking about the fact that no safety tests have been done on humans and the ARPANSA safety standards in Melbourne are much higher than other countries. We just want to wake up as many people as we can.”

Credit: CEN/Matt Lawson
Installation of 5g antennas and cameras around the city of Melburn

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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