Owner Tricked Dog To Open Mouth With A Chicken Leg But Fed Him Greens Instead

This owner tricked his dog with a chicken leg to make the pup eat its vegetables.

The owner, identified by his last name Li, said his four-legged friend refused to eat greens and vegetables so he came up with a creative but tricky method.

The funny video was captured in the city of Guangzhou in the south Chinese province of Guangdong on 1st March.

In the video, the sleeping dog is tempted by the delicious smell of a chicken leg that is being dangled right in front of its nose and after a few sniffs, the pup opens its mouth ready for the tasty snack.


The owner then instantly replaced the chicken with some healthy greens and quickly stuffed them into the oblivious dog’s mouth.

The animal proceeded to loudly chew the veggies in its sleep until it woke up looking suspicious and disappointed.

The confused pup did not seem to exactly enjoy the meal and maybe realizing the betrayal it sighed and went back to sleep.

Li said that he did not expect the dog to fall for the trick but the fluffy picky eater is now one step closer to a healthy diet.

The video was shared in the Chinese social media network Weibo where it gained attention from the netizens.

User ‘Zun Mushroom Cool’ said: “You lied to the dog!”

Another user ‘Meijiao’ wrote: “Isn’t it normal that carnivores don’t like eating vegetables? I haven’t seen anyone getting rabbits to eat steak.”

And user ‘Water Li’ commented: “That’s bullying!”

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Story By: Emily WuSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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