US Woman Announces New African Kingdom And Self As PM

Meet the American woman who has just announced a new Kingdom on one of the most famous “unclaimed” pieces of land in the world located between Egypt and Sudan – and dubbed herself as Prime Minister.

A woman named in local media ass American-Lebanese woman Dr Nadera Nasif – who claims to speak on behalf of the Kingdom’s monarch, whose name has not yet been officially announced – declared the “Kingdom of The Yellow Mountain” will be located on an area of 2,060 square kilometres called Bir Tawil.

An image of the area where the new country will supposedly exist

It is unclaimed by either country but is part of Sudan in the eyes of the Cairo government due to disagreements over land borders between the two countries at the beginning of the 20th century at the height of British colonialism.

Documents released by the supposed ‘new government’ – which has already founded a string of websites, social media pages, a flag and other iconography – say that the land will host up to 80 million people by 2040.

The supposed new country’s ‘new PM’ declared that the new land will act ‘haven of justice and compassion for the world’s migrants, displaced and oppressed’.

During the announcement made in Ukraine’s Odessa, the woman said it will be: “A nation of peace… founded on the principle of man’s right to live in dignity under an umbrella of civil and legitimate rights. An exemplary state in all its details.”

A photograph of Dr Nasif reading out a statement announcing the Kingdom of The Yellow Mountain

A detailed document, released by the supposed Kingdom, reads: “On this basis, the founding politicians of the country announced the formation of high democratic Arab Islamic State that will: (a) extending the help to the international community to solving the problems of migrants, refugees, stateless Arab interrelation people and others, (b) focusing on providing its citizens with certain priorities, such as, employment, good living and higher education.”

Meanwhile, the documentation also predicts that the land will house 80 million people by 2040 while announcing plans for a series of government ministries – complete with logos -, a large transport network, a capital city and an education system.

It also states that that Islam will be the religion of the supposed new country.

Another Twitter account supposedly belonging to the ‘Kingdom’s’ ‘Interior Ministry’ said that police and security forces would soon be established.

The country’s flag has been unveiled as green with the image of a date palm tree at its centre below the opening verse of the Quran.

The flag of the supposed new Kingdom

Nasif did not announce how many people would live there or what the criteria for citizenship might be.

Both Egypt and Sudan are yet to comment on the situation, however, it has been widely discussed on pro-government late night chat shows.

Speaking on one such show, Egyptian law expert Ayman Salamah said: “This supposedly new nation is neither a joke nor a farce. It’s serious… but Egypt is not at all concerned by the entire issue.”

Meanwhile, according to local media, Hany Raslan, an Egyptian expert on Sudan branded the development as dangerous and called for it to be dealt with.

It is not the first time that Bir Tawil has hit the headlines over land claims.

In 2014, American traveller Jeremiah Heaton visited the area and declared it the “Kingdom of North Sudan” and crowned his six-year-old daughter as the area’s Princess.

While many media outlets in the Arab world have discussed the apparent new state, others have questioned its authenticity.

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Story By: Conor SheilsSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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