Mysterious Tesla Car Might Be New Banksy

A mysterious red Tesla car bizarrely covered in adhesive tape is rumoured to be a new project by British street artist Banksy.

The electric car is currently driving across Switzerland and has left residents and local media puzzled.

In December, the car was first sighted in Pratteln in the Canton of Basel-Country.

This red Tesla was seen covered in tape on the streets of St. Gallen

The bright-red Tesla with a Canton of Zurich licence plate was recently seen parked overnight in the Swiss city of St Gallen.

Passersby were immediately drawn to the unusual sight of the electric car’s bodywork covered in adhesive tape.

Clues on the car suggest that it is the latest project by Banksy, the British street artist and political activist whose identity is still unknown.

Inside the car, a note titled ‘Banksystreetcar’ was found with a London Mayfair address.

The address for Lazinc Gallery on Sackville Street is the location of a famous art venue which has previously exhibited Banksy’s work.

According to local media, gallery owner Steve Lazarides has been a huge supporter of street artists such as Banksy, who first gained prominence around the turn of the millennium.

The front of the taped Tesla car

Lazinc Gallery has not yet commented on the Tesla car.

The car is allowed to drive on public roads as adhesive tape is not considered a danger.

Police spokesman Roman Kohler said that if the Tesla does not turn out to be a Banksy, the owner can always contact the cops.

Kohler said: “The tape would certainly leave behind residues, which is why a criminal complaint for property damage is possible.”

Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Central European News


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