Mysterious Smoke Circle In Sky Baffles People In Chinese City

Huge black circle appeared in the sky above a Chinese city.

The footage shot from various angles was reportedly taken in the prefecture-level city of Yulin, located in the Shanbei region of Shaanxi Province, on 17th June.

An eyewitness who shared one of the videos they took while he was sitting in the car, named Mr Qiao, said: “I looked up and saw this black circle rising into the sky very slowly. There were several of these smoke rings. I didn’t know what they were, so I took a video of them. I am hoping somebody can explain it?”

AsiaWire & SMWP1224/AsiaWire

Online commentators responding to the posting said that typically smoke rings like that come from an explosion, or possibly a giant pyrotechnic display that had taken place lower down.

Others suggested that the smoke ring cut might come from a large ship; however, Yulin is located nowhere near any large body of water, so this was quickly dismissed by many others.

One user titled ‘Evergreen’ said: “This is a time tunnel.”

And user ‘7S’ said: “Factory emissions.”

While the user ‘Jie Zi’ said: “When you set off firecrackers, there would be a black circle.”

A huge unknown black circle appears in the sky of Shaanxi, China, Monday, June 17, 2024. It lasted for about 5 minutes before dissipating. (AsiaWire)

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