Mum And Daughter Ripped Sex Tape Blackmailers Eyes Out

A mother and daughter have been arrested for kidnapping and torturing a man by pulling his eyes out before killing him after he allegedly using sex tapes to blackmail the younger woman.

The brutal crime took place in the city of Cali in the Valle del Cauca Department in western Colombia.

According to local media, Larry Andre Larrahondo contacted Jessica Bernal Ramirez, 19, in July 2019 on social media to have sex with her for money in a motel in Cali.

Credit: CEN
Diana Patricia Ramirez Arce

After they met, reports said that the 19-year-old girl received messages on her mobile phone threatening to publish some sexual videos recorded during the encounter.

It is unclear if she received the threats from Larrahondo.

The teenager then reportedly told her mother Diana Patricia Ramirez Arce and her step-father Javier Andres Amador Richte. The parents then allegedly set a trap for Larrahondo by luring him into thinking he was meeting the girl again in a motel.

According to local authorities, Larrahondo was beaten by a group of people in the motel and then they put him in a vehicle.

Reports claim his dead body was found in an area of bushes a few days after in the town of Yumbo also in the department of Valle del Cauca.

Credit: CEN
Jessica Bernal Ramirez

The forensic exam carried out by the Legal Medicin Institute revealed the victim had fractures to his head, jaw, and upper limbs as well as several stab wounds.

His eyes had reportedly been removed and he had injuries caused by impalement.

Richte was arrested and accused of murder while the two women were only accused of kidnapping before being released.

The General Attorney’s Office then reportedly found evidence that shows the women also participated in the torture and murder of the victim Larrahondo.

The women were arrested again in the neighbourhood of Chiminangos in Cali on the 27th of this January on suspicion of murder.

The investigation is ongoing.

Credit: CEN
Larry Andres Larrahondo

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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